Real-time Control for Maximum Return

15 Jan 2014

What is an additional 17,000 lbs (7,700 kg) per year per employee in throughput and yield worth to your operation? With Marel Stork’s new StreamLine, results such as this are consistently achievable. Results from a thigh deboning operation returned an almost 2% yield improvement versus a typical manual trimming operation.

Yield, quality and throughput control – in real time

StreamLine Poultry

“The concept for the latest generation of our StreamLine system was simple,” noted Todd Graff, Sales Support Manager for Marel Stork, “improved pounds per man-hour. Streamline keeps a consistent flow of product in front of the operator (no waiting for product) and, as the operator works, performance is monitored and the operator is ranked against a system target. The best operators can be rewarded based on performance.”

StreamLine provides processors with a yield management system that utilizes our Innova software to give real-time feedback to the operator and management on Yield, Quality and Throughput. It is 24/7 oversight and control over your operations.

StreamLine provides real-time feedback on Yield, Quality and Throughput.

Flexible design maximizes return

StreamLine can be used for fillet trimming, thigh trimming/deboning, whole leg trimming/deboning and super trimming.

It is custom fit to meet each customer’s needs via a modular design offered in an eight-station initial set up, expandable by two-station increments in both right- and left-handed stations. The ergonomic design, low cost of ownership and superior cleanability tick all the right check boxes for today’s modern poultry processor while providing ease of maintenance and flexibility.

The flexibility of the line leads to a higher quality end product by giving processors the ability to maximize the selection of cuts into highest price products and to minimize loss. Further customization is easy through the choice of process and processor-specific preferences. These options include:

StreamLine Poultry
  • Choice of infeed hopper and conveyor
    • Own Conveyor
    • Skinner
    • Other in-line process
  • Overhead support for circular blades
  • Large screen performance monitors
  • Individual operator displays
  • Quality Control Station
  • Ergonomic Operator platforms (adjustable)
  • Ability to handle multiple finished products

Individual operator feedback

“The inline quality monitoring station has the ability to pull random or planned samples. In other words, the system has the intelligence to target those operators who are under-performing,” Graff explained. “It provides the plant with traceability to an individual operator along with real-time feedback on the system monitor and individual operator displays. The individual operator displays have been simplified to have LED indicators which rank the operator incrementally against a set target.”

Capacities for the StreamLine are dependent on the specific operation you are running. Looking at a typical thigh deboning process, based on 20 stations, 240g thigh incoming weight and 10 pieces per minute per operator, you can expect a capacity of 2,857 kg (6,300 lbs) per hour or about 22,680 kg (50,000 lbs) per shift.

The Stork StreamLine is the perfect replacement for your manual trim tables by monitoring operator performance and improving product quality. With the use of a StreamLine system, you are truly able to monitor individual operators and provide additional training where needed.
The StreamLine lets you look at each operator individually and see which are consistently performing below target. This, in turn, allows management to constantly move the average performance to maximum performance.

Monitored. Measured. Controlled.

The new Stork poultry StreamLine puts the reins of your operation firmly in your hands and the improved results directly on your bottom line.

StreamLine Poultry