Customer story

The speed, simplicity and flexibility of Innova Labeling

03 Mar 2014

Innova labeling is powerful, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use integrated solution that enables processors to meet complete customer and production demands when designing, printing, and distributing labels for their products.

2 Sisters Storteboom B.V. plays a leading role in the European market for fresh and frozen chicken products, with seven state-of-the-art production sites in the Netherlands and Poland, and an overall group turnover of more than €600 million per year.

With three slaughterhouses, two fillet processing plants, and two further processing plants, constant innovation and investment in know-how and technology ensure that Storteboom’s production and processing operations meet the highest standards of costefficiency, hygiene, safety and quality.

Processing to Sales Orders in Real Time

The company invested in Innova Software Solutions four years ago and runs the production management software in its two cap processing facilities in Nijkerk. Overnight, Innova enabled Storteboom to move from the order picking of products, to producing directly to sales orders. The company recently upgraded to the new Innova Labeling system, which has significantly simplified and sped up the processing and dispatch of Storteboom’s products.

“Gaining a good overview of the yield of our products, as well as labeling products to meet customer and production needs, were the primary factors for choosing Innova.“

Full Control and Automation

Innova Labeling makes it much easier to manage raw materials and products throughout the production value chain. It enabled Storteboom to gain full control and automation of their labeling process from receiving to dispatch, whilst ensuring that customer and production needs were met.

“We used to have three labels on each box,” Pieter van Nordennen, Application Manager, explains. “One for the product, one for the production, and one for the customer. Now we just have one label containing all the contents and images required. We print all labels on site, and all raw materials and products are registered and tracked through the labels as they move through the processing facilities.”

“Today, I can control all the printers from my desk or even by logging on to the system from home.”

Simplified Label Management and Design

The biggest difference for Storteboom, after implementing the new labeling system, has been how much easier it is to manage and create labels. “We went from maintaining about 60 different label designs to only 9,” says van Nordennen.

“We can easily create multilingual labels and meet various customer requirements using just one default template,” he says. “This makes a big difference as it saves us a lot of time and simplifies the maintenance and management of the labels.”

Thanks to Innova Labeling, complicated scripting is a thing of the past. “With the new visual designer, I see an image of what the label will actually look like in terms of all the fields, texts, images and symbols, as I am making it. I can just drag and drop components into it, place them where I want, and make the label exactly as the customer wishes.”

“With the new labeling system I only have to look at one label when I change something. I can assign language layouts for each customer, as well as other requests such as stamps, inserting brand logos, or adapting date fields, and tailor each label to their specific needs.”

Centralized Printer Management

The centralized printer management saves Storteboom a lot of time when setting up, monitoring and managing its 60 printers across two facilities.

“Today I can control all the printers from my desk or even by logging on to the system from home,” says van Nordennen, “and if there are any problems I can react immediately.” With about 150,000 labels printed per week, every minute counts for minimizing downtime and avoiding delivery delays.

Improved Performance

Innova provides Storteboom with a good foundation for processing and keeping track of products and sales orders, as well as providing managers with a good overview of the yield.

“Since installing Innova, we now monitor yield on a daily basis through scheduled yield reports which are sent out automatically to the team responsible for overseeing the yield,” explains van Nordennen. “That way we can benchmark between lines and production days, as well as catch up on any deviances immediately.”

“This is very important to Storteboom as it is all about yield when it comes to running the operations cost-efficiently, and delivering products that are price competitive.”