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Marel Poultry advances in Brazil at Anutec and MercoAgro

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The participation in two important Brazilian trade fairs, Anutec and MercoAgro, offers the perfect occasion for Marel Poultry to show its capability to support Brazilian poultry processor in every possible way. Our passion for poultry processing is illustrated by multiple innovations, highlighted at Anutec, August 2-4 at Curitiba and at MercoAgro, September 13-16 at Chapecó.

During the Anutec and MercoAgro events, Marel Poultry will present its innovative solutions for the poultry processing industry. The highlights include:

To achieve maximum throughput, poultry processors of all sizes and in all markets can count on the support of Marel Poultry. By applying our global knowledge to provide local solutions to our customers, we can offer customized solutions to Brazilian poultry processors who are ready to face new challenges.

Marel Poultry is the leading global provider of advanced poultry processing systems and services. The product range covers the entire production process, from Stork Live Bird Handling to packaging and labeling of the final product.

Lambert RuttenIf you are a Brazilian poultry processor who wants to add more value to your processes, please address our team of experts, among whom Lambert Rutten, Commercial Sales Manager Marel Poultry.

Come and visit our booths at Anutec Brazil, August 2-4 in Curitiba and MercoAgro, September 13-16 in Chapecó.



Start date:
2 Aug 2016

End date:
4 Aug 2016

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Curitiba, Brazil