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1971: Stork invents automated eviscerator

08 Jun 2016

P40 Poultry Eviscerator at processor Friki, NL

Globally, evisceration was an entirely manual job 45 years ago. Automation of this process would mean a real breakthrough in the poultry business. In 1971, Stork succeeded in realizing this leap forward by launching its new eviscerating machine, the P40/P48 Automatic Eviscerator.

Besides being the very first of its kind, the modern, oval carrousel machine with 40 or 48 units was quite ahead of its time. It took hygiene very seriously, preserving the connections between esophagus, crop, gizzard and intestines during the withdrawal, which considerably reduced the risk of infections by intestine bacteria. Furthermore, each drawing unit was cleaned after every operation cycle. The fully automated evisceration operation could handle 5000 broilers of various dimensions per hour.

P40 Poultry Eviscerator at tradeshow in early seventiesThe Stork P40 oval eviscerator at an exhibition in the early seventies.

The P40 was the first and last oval carrousel, as its successor, the P24-II, was a round carrousel as we still know it.

The introduction of the P40 automatic eviscerator revolutionized the poultry processing industry worldwide. It proved another innovation milestone in the rich history of the Stork company. 

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