Focus on Hearts and Lungs

12 Mar 2013

New heart/lung harvester also improves gizzard harvesting performance in many markets of the world, Brazil, china and Turkey fall readily to mind, giblets are a delicacy which command an excellent price. In other markets hearts and lungs are valuable input material in the manufacture of pet food. in both cases, the ability to supply top quality products pays dividends. Marel stork Poultry Processing listens to its customers!

It was largely in response to demand from the pet food industry that Marel Stork developed the HLH heart/lung harvester, the latest addition to its range of Nuova automatic giblet harvesting equipment.

While hearts and lungs harvested together are welcome ingredients in pet food, many manufacturers would not accept the bits of attached oesophagus, which often remained attached to hearts and lungs harvested automatically. An automatic solution which ensures that hearts and lungs could be supplied free from this unwanted debris became a priority. In this way HLH was born!

Hart/Lung harvesting

How the HLH works

The HLH is a carrousel machine driven by the overhead conveyor. In most cases the input material will be viscera packs from which intestines and livers will already have been removed. The machine separates hearts and lungs from the gizzard and attached esophagus.

If processing requirements dictate, HLH will also handle viscera packs with the liver and/or intestines still attached. Gizzards and their attached esophagus can be discharged from the machine into a gizzard harvesting system.

If hearts and lungs are needed for pet food manufacture, these are unloaded from the machine and are ready for inspection and packing. If hearts are needed for retail sale, these are discharged into an HLS heart/lung separator which separates the lungs from the hearts and then removes the pericardium and any loose tendons or arteries from the hearts.

Top quality hearts for retail sale

The absence of pieces of oesophagus in the hearts and lungs fed to the machine helps the HLS heart/lung separator perform better benefiting both quality and yield. A high throughput broiler plant working a double shift can reasonably expect the new machine to increase its annual heart yield by many tons.
Plants currently harvesting hearts by hand to ensure quality and yield can now automate without having to worry about losing either.

Gizzards benefit too!

An HLH in the line will also improve gizzard harvesting performance. The presence of the oesophagus on the gizzard gives the gizzard harvester’s transport mechanism something to grip on. This makes for better gizzard positioning through the gizzard harvesting process and means fewer gizzards with proventriculi left attached, more accurate splitting, better peeling, higher gizzard yields and less work for back-up inspection staff to do. In addition to increased heart yield, the same high throughput double shift plant can expect to see many more tons of high quality gizzards each year.

Last but not least, the new HLH heart/lung harvester is very owner-friendly. It has no blades to sharpen and no electric motors.

Nuova giblet harvesting – unequalled versatility and consistently high performance

The Stork Nuova giblet harvesting system has long been known for its versatility, reliability and consistently high performance. Giblets either separately or in most known combinations, can be harvested manually, semi or fully automatically at throughputs of up to 13,500 broilers per hour (225 bpm).

The new HLH heart/lung harvester adds yet another dimension to an already successful formula, allowing processors to offer top quality hearts to retail customers and hearts and lungs to pet food manufacturers alike.