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One thousand Innova systems sold

10 Dec 2013

Marel, the leading global provider of advanced food processing equipment, has sold over one thousand Innova systems. The Innova software was launched in 2008 and Marel is now selling and installing more than one Innova system every working day of the year.

Innova is the fifth generation of Marel's software solutions that combine Marel's production management software and processing know-how to fulfill the individual needs of food processors. Innova enables food processors to maximize yield and throughput throughout the whole production value chain. It also helps them conform to quality standards, ensure food safety, and achieve full traceability.

Major food processors around the globe in the fish, poultry and meat industries are using Innova to raise their overall performance.

Linn Hege, Logistics Manager, Bremnes Seashore (salmon processing company, Norway):

“Innova provides us with total control. It’s much easier to learn and use and offers a lot more features than our previous production management system. I can monitor fish as it passes through the factory, and see exactly what’s going on at any given time. Innova has made prioritizing orders for dispatching much more simple and effective.”

Max Fernández M, Plant Manager, Terrapez S.A (fresh tilapia processor, Costa Rica):

“Innova gives us the opportunity to free our technicians and engineers from chasing numbers, and our middle management can focus on improvements.”

Sean Goodison, Sparta (supplier of quality beef and beef products, South Africa):

“We chose Innova because it could be scaled to meet our specific requirements. Our previous software system was outdated.”

Jens Bjarnason, PC Innova Manager:  

“We have positioned ourselves very well on the market and we see great opportunities ahead. Marel’s strong focus on both innovative technologies and service provides fully integrated software solutions designed to offer complete control, through processing, packaging and dispatching. We have the solution to meet the future trends in our markets, where the emphasis is increasingly on traceability and quality.”  

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