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Safir - A Romanian poultry processing gem

24 Feb 2014

With its latest investments Safir, a poultry processing company based in Vaslui in Romania, has added some more pages to its history book. These investments are the very first SmartWeigher and Weigh Price Labeler 9000 series to have been bought by the market. The new Marel Stork equipment is part of the latest phase in Safir’s update program. Yields are now higher, processes have been improved and production increased.

George Safir, Executive Director, has a clear vision: “If you don’t develop, if you do not improve, your company eventually dies. Since Safir started in 1991, we have consistently invested in the expansion and diversification of our company. It started with the acquisition of a feed mill. Over the years we have grown strongly and have updated several parts of our operation. Right now we are an integrated company that controls the whole value chain. Marel Stork is our supplier for poultry processing equipment. In them we recognize values that are particularly important to us such as quality, honesty and partnership.”

Safir, Romanian poultry processor George Safir – Executive Director Safir (l), Ruud Berkers – Area Sales Manager Marel Stork (r).

Quality in all aspects

When it comes to improving quality, Safir focuses on several aspects. The Company strives to make the best possible high-quality products and make them affordable for the local market. Mr. Safir strongly believes that only the best machines and a smooth running production process can make that possible. He says: “Over the last 7 years we have updated virtually our whole plant. We have a tradition of innovating. In 2006 the kill and EV lines were replaced. We were the first company in Romania to buy the Nuova EV system. We made the choice for top-quality evisceration and high yields. If you look at the return on investment, it is clear that we made the right choice. We strongly believe that by continuously investing in our plant we have reduced total cost of ownership and now have higher quality end products.”

The latest improvements

Together the SmartWeigher and ACM-NT make up a combined automatic selection and cut-up line. After a short period of time, it became clear that this smooth running combination had lifted cut-up yields by several percentages. The process is cleaner and requires less maintenance. Because an overhead conveyor is now used, there is more free floor space. The working environment has become more pleasant and we have room for possible future developments. Mr. Safir continues: “In this building our hourly production capacity can’t grow, so we needed to focus on efficiency and improving the process. We clearly succeeded.”

Social responsibility

Operators are happy with the new work stations and like the more spacious environment. Safir explains: “For us the quality and drive of our staff are essential. They allow Safir to perform well, to make the good products we make. Most of them are from the local community. We try to be a good employer. So I feel strongly that it is more than fair to give something back to the community. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging and sponsoring sport. It’s healthy and fits in perfectly with our vision that our poultry products provide consumers with a healthy basis.”

Partnership for further growth

Safir has become a highly respected in the Romanian poultry processing market. Their cooperation with Marel Stork is based on the mutual goal to keep on developing. “We think Marel Stork offers the best quality machines, says Mr. Iulian Safir, Technical Director, “The design and the attention paid to detail is, from an engineer’s perspective, very good: some machines are a real jewel of technology. What is important to us is that the engineers have a high level of knowledge and a lot of experience. We believe in their skills and they are very supportive. The installation and commissioning of the SmartWeigher and the ACM-NT cut-up line went very well. We have never had a breakdown or problem with our Marel Stork machines.”


In Romania Safir products are known under the brand ‘Deliciosul de Vaslui’ (Delicious from Vaslui). Safir’s wide range of products is particularly well-known in the surrounding area, with outlets only selling Safir products. Safir also sells its products nationally via retail chains, the food service industry and distributors. Quality standards are high and Safir can export their products to the EU. The Company’s processes and products are under the permanent control of the sanitary-veterinary and environmental authorities and conform fully to European standards.

Safir, Romanian poultry processor

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