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The New Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry

22 May 2012

IQF Multihead Weigher PoultryBased on many positive user experiences of the multihead weigher series, Marel has now developed an entirely new multihead weigher exclusively for the poultry industry. Robust, easy to use and designed for optimum throughput with minimum giveaway, the Marel Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry handles frozen poultry cuts at high capacity and with great accuracy.

Known for their reliability, the Marel multihead weigher series of machines gained their excellent reputation based on their solid construction, compact design, easy-to-use, multi-lingual user interface, and extremely low giveaway.

All this was taken into account when work began on developing the new Marel Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry. As a result, these proven features have been transferred onto the new machine and new ones developed to create the perfect IQF poultry solution.

Designed to readily withstand the harsh environment of frozen product handling, even when running 24/7, 365 days a year, the unit’s large, new and highly versatile 7-litre hoppers can handle all kinds of batch sizes, and are designed to prevent products sticking to them.

A weighing system that includes an overload and anti-shock system helps extend the service life of the unit, as well as reducing downtime and cutting operation costs to a minimum. The AFA (Automatic Frequency Adjustment) adjusts the line vibrators automatically, in order to maintain the highest possible throughput.

Last but not least, the Marel Multihead Weigher IQF Poultry can be dismantled without tools, making it very easy to clean and maintain, and a particularly safe, hygienic solution.

Main benefits

  • High throughput: up to 60 batches per minute, depending on product type and batch size
  • Consistent, maximum-capacity product flow, thanks to Automatic Feeder Adjustment (AFA) technology
  • Extremely low giveaway
  • Easy to operate
  • Very hygienic
  • All-time low maintenance costs.


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Marel multihead weighers deal with all infeed, sorting, mixing and weighing requirements, automatically portioning and packing products into virtually any type of packaging.

Products are dispensed into hoppers by vibrating feeders and weighed into exact portions. Food items ideally batched with a multihead weigher include IQF fillets, toppings, diced meat, poultry strips, nuggets, wings and drumsticks.

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