Marel/Delford MPL80 multi-purpose label applicator

End of Sale (EOS) Notification

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Herewith we (Marel EOL) inform our customers of the decision to announce End of Sale (EOS) for the Marel/Delford MPL80 multi-purpose label applicator.

WR0620 machine code

End of Sale date: 1st April 2022
End of Full Service date: 1st April 2024
End of Life date: 1st April 2027

The EoFS date will commence 24 months from this notification date on 1st April 2024. After that time, the product can only be supported on a best-effort basis, for example support only provided during office hours, longer response times, availability of spare parts reduced or limited, and retrofit or upgrade kits not available. Software maintenance, including new functionality or improvements is limited to a best-efforts basis.
The anticipated End of Life date for the Marel/Delford equipment listed above is 1st April 2027. After this time there may be no further support for this product.

Existing or proposed Service Agreements should be considered in line with this notification.
After EoFS end users are strongly advised to consider replacement of the equipment and/or order sufficient spare parts holdings to support their machines for an acceptable time as dictated by their needs. Please note that some parts may not be available due to obsolescence.
To discuss options for replacement equipment please contact your local Marel office who will be pleased to assist you.

If you have any comments or questions regarding service support during the EoFS phase please contact your local Marel Service organization using the recognized channels.

Spare Parts enquiries should be directed to your local Marel Service organization using the recognized channels where a member of our team will be happy to help.

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