Marel wins three ARC awards

annual report 2016.PNG

Marel is proud to announce that our annual report for 2016 has received three ARC awards.

The ARC awards honor overall excellence in annual reports and are the largest and most respected annual report competition in the world.

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Every year, nearly 2,000 entries are submitted by some 800 different companies from 24 countries to a panel of international judges, including top-level investor relations executives, financial executives, writers, designers and photographers.

The three awards that Marel was awarded for its annual report for 2016 were honors for the Cover page of the report, as well as its Designs and graphics, and the Bronze awards for the overall Interactive Annual report in our category.

This is a great honor for Marel as the ARC Awards are the world’s only independent awards organization founded with the mission to advance the standards of excellence in the fields of corporate communications.

Valur Blomsterberg, Market Coordinator for Marel China, accepted the awards on behalf of Marel at an impressive ceremony in Tokyo.

“It was a real honor to be representing Marel amongst some of the most innovative and socially responsible companies in the world”, Blomsterberg says.

He continues, “A point that really hit home for me and for Marel was that the secret to a good annual report is not design and financial reporting but it is a good organization. An organization that really wants to communicate with its stakeholders is the single most important element of an annual report.”

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