Advancing fish processing with the latest in the FleXicut family

Increase raw material utilization with precision portioning


Water-jet technology brings more precision and flexibility to portioning, transforming fish processing

Supplying increased automation for more precision, flexibility and control when portioning, the new additions to the FleXicut family are ready to make the best use of your raw material. 

Introducing the recently released FleXicut Tres, which expands possibilities in portioning large whitefish and salmon. Marel is also proud to welcome the FleXicut Valka, the rebranded Valka solutions enrich our portfolio, bringing salmon and whitefish processors solutions that improve yield with increased automation.


FleXicut Tres

The FleXicut Tres maximizes raw material usage for processors of skin-on and skinless, large whitefish and pre-rigor salmon fillets.

The expanded X-ray scanning area of 300mm width can easily accommodate large fish fillets. Bones as small as 0.2mm are located by X-ray, while the scanner accurately measures individual fillets. Advanced software uses this data to automatically adjust cutting angles, to remove bones and portion with precision, keeping raw material waste to an absolute minimum. 

The FleXicut Tres has the advantage of dual-cutting technologies. Three water-jet cutters make curved and angled cuts, while vertical cuts are made by twin blades, giving processors the flexibility to create portions to a specific size, shape, and predefined cutting pattern. 

The FleXicut Tres ensures processors can utilize every part of each fillet, prioritizing high-value portions and adapting cutting patterns to suit the latest market trends, thereby increasing yield and profits and keeping ahead of the competition.

Flexicut Tres Closed (1)

FleXicut Valka for whitefish and salmon

The FleXicut Valka combines intelligent software and advanced robotics to provide extreme portioning flexibility and precision deboning skin-on or skinless salmon and whitefish. 

A 3D vision system scans fillets for size, shape and density, while a high-definition X-ray detects bones as small as 0.2mm. Fillets are deboned and portioned with precision thanks to the remarkable range of movement of the tilted and dynamic water-jet robot cutters, which facilitates cuts at any angle or curved pattern, ensuring top-value product utilization. 

The new additions to the FleXicut family produce high-value end-products with minimum waste, increased throughput and reduced labor dependency. Helping to keep fish processing profitable and sustainable into the future.

Valka Cutter

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