Empowering excellence in seafood processing: Marel and MMC First Process unveil strategic partnership

Marel Mmc First Process Collaboration

Marel, a global leader in food processing solutions, software and service, and MMC First Process, a global leader in fish handling, processing, and cooling system solutions, have forged a synergistic partnership with the shared goal of empowering excellence in seafood processing.

Working as one, across the value chain

This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to drive positive change through innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in fish handling, processing and water treatment. By filling in complimentary gaps, the alliance enhances a complete product offering throughout the value chain, providing customers with the convenience of a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience.

Marel Mmc First Process Handshake

Benefits to customers and consumers

Marel and MMC First Process are not only transforming the operational landscape of seafood customers but also redefining the consumer experience. This collaboration goes beyond mere enhancements in customer efficiency; it aspires to elevate the consumer's journey by providing trust, transparency, and sustainability.

By actively promoting sustainability, the partnership ensures responsible sourcing, contributing to the health of marine ecosystems. Furthermore, through optimized resource utilization and lowered energy consumption, customers can benefit from lowered production costs and higher profits while consumers can enjoy fish with a reduced environmental footprint.

The emphasis on elevated food safety measures and prioritizing hygiene ensures meticulous processing that meets industry standards. This not only reassures consumers about the quality of their seafood but also directly benefits customers by enhancing the reputation of their products.

Additionally, increased traceability enables consumers to track their seafood's journey from ocean to plate, promoting transparency and trust. This assurance that their seafood has been handled and processed to the highest standards satisfies consumer preferences and adds value to our customers’ offerings.

Elevating seafood processing

In addition to a comprehensive range of onboard and onshore fish processing equipment, Marel and MMC First Process are partnering to deliver robust software that collects and collates data, enhancing productivity from delivery to final output and ensuring continuous efficiency. Tailored training enables seamless operations and transparent, hygienic processes. With a focus on low running costs, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 expert service, the partnership promises continuous support to elevate seafood processing efficiency.

“The partnership with MMC First Process opens new opportunities for both companies and our customers. We are excited about the potential the partnership brings to the market, being able to offer full-line solutions. The collaboration is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the seafood processing industry. Together, we are poised to set new benchmarks in innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, elevating seafood processing to the next level.”

- Olafur Karl Sigurdarson, Executive Vice President Fish of Marel

“This strategic partnership with Marel signifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise in fish handling. Together, we will reshape the future of seafood processing, delivering excellence to the industry and safer, sustainable, and traceable seafood for consumers.”

- Petter Leon Fauske, CEO of MMC First Process

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