Meet the new I-Cut 610 PortionCutter

The best footprint-to-capacity ratio portion cutter on the market

I Cut 610 Dual Lane Beef

Marel is excited to introduce the new dual-lane I-Cut 610, the latest addition to our fresh meat portion cutter portfolio.

Marel I-Cut 610 PortionCutter pork

Impressive capacity with a tiny footprint

For customers in the fresh meat and convenience food processing industry as well as foodservice suppliers, there’s a great need for high capacity fixed-weight / fixed-length portioning.  

With its dual-lane setup and dynamic belt speed adjustment, the I-Cut 610 can achieve exceptionally high levels of throughput, with a speed of up to 1,200 cuts per minute per lane.

Two individual machines in one, it also offers the ability to run different products on each lane for added flexibility. This setup makes the I-Cut 610 the perfect solution for processors in need of flexible, high-capacity portion cutting.

The portion cutter is supported by advanced software based on PLUTO, Marel's innovative software platform, with features including setup of individual product holder pressure per program and optimizing programs.

Many customers with old machines have upgraded to this new one and found the yield improvement very satisfactory for the investment. They’ve seen payback in less than half a year.

Johan Enevoldsen
Global Product Manager Portioning at Marel

I-Cut 610 dual-lane portion cutter

How it works

Each independently controlled infeed conveyor moves the raw material from the loading area to the cutting area. In between, a laser highlights the surface of the raw material and the vision system scans its contour. This calculates the volume, and by multiplying with the density, it provides a full view of the raw material.

A computer calculates where to cut based on the chosen cutting program, and a rotating knife cuts portions to the desired specifications. The portions then exit on the outfeed conveyor. 


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