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With fully automatic settings and SmartBase software included*, SensorX bone detection has become even smarter than before. While achieving an even better bone detection once again, with the least false positives, the system is now easier to operate and maintain, the result being a significantly more robust performance. Based on market knowledge, experience and technology behind bone detection systems, SensorX succeeds in adding the most value.

SensorX’s latest technological updates will reaffirm its status as the best bone detection solution on the market. The latest generation of SensorX systems includes mechanical upgrades such as new safety covers and an improved safety system, in line with the stricter regulations customers have had to follow in recent years. SensorX has become more robust in many ways with new motors, a new sensor and longer-lasting parts, such as scrapers and rollers. All reduce cost of ownership.

Sensorx Connected To Smartbase2

Fully automatic settings

Thanks to the latest upgrade of the embedded software, SensorX is even more intelligent, making its leading bone detection capabilities, which already led the field, even more impressive. Before, it was necessary to set up and select specific programs for different types and sizes of products. Now, operators can use one single program for different types of products as the SensorX detects the thickness of the product and adjusts the program sensitivity accordingly. This means the settings selected for each detection are optimal, making SensorX performance even less sensitive to human error. The balance struck between detection rates and false positives is ideal. All in all, SensorX now provides more accurate bone detection.


Daily calibration of the system is now also fully automatic and happens continuously. This simplifies the day-to-day operation of the system for the users. The automatic calibration feature ensures that the system is always calibrated correctly, and that calibration is done under the right circumstances, guaranteeing optimal performance of the system.

Control Room Smartbase

Easy data access with SmartBase

SensorX’ SmartBase internal software solution provides customers with important real-time and historical information about machine health and production performance. This information is easily accessible on a dashboard. The dashboard displays production data such as throughput, bone rate and product weights. It also displays technical information such as sensor run time, calibration data, key temperatures and active alarms. Processors can have access to this information from anywhere on any device, web browser, laptop, tablet or phone. This makes it easier to identify issues without having to stand in front of the machine.

Remote assistance

By allowing the Marel support center to have remote access to the connected SensorX, processors can expect faster resolution of issues, and prompt remote assistance from Marel’s service engineers. This approach usually makes the need for costly and time-consuming on-site visits unnecessary. Whenever there is still a need for service engineers to travel to site to solve an issue, remote access to SensorX enables them to better prepare for service visits by analyzing the issues beforehand.

The latest SensorX technological updates will reaffirm its status as the best bone detection solution on the market.

SmartBase versus Innova

Marel’s Innova software platform also includes a SensorX module. What is the difference from the integrated SmartBase software? The Innova module works at line-level, department-level or plant-level. It can receive and process information from SensorX SmartBase for line monitoring. In this way, it can combine information of multiple SensorX’s or fully integrate the information at plant level, including historical data.

* This applies to SensorX 500 series in North Europe and North America.


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