M-Line Splitting Saw (MSS)

Dividing carcasses in equal halves

  • Avoids manual slaughter failures with subsequent product losses
  • Guarantees a consistent processing carcass quality
  • Excellent cleaning and sterilization of the tools (TwinTool)
  • Robotic system results in considerable labor saving


The M-Line Splitting Saw is a robotic system, which divides the carcass in to equal halves in one single operation.

The system is installed in the slaughter line after evisceration and based on accurate 3D carcass scanning, the robot divides the carcass into equal halves in one operation. The robot movement is fully synchronized with the transport of the carcass.

The M-Line Splitting Saw guarantees a constant processing quality and contributes to a hygienic slaughtering process.  


The EU-cut is a cut where the carcass is split straight through into two carcass halves by the M-Line Splitting Saw.

The EU-cut can be applied if a standard gambrel is used, which does not cause the carcass to start dangling if it is split by the M-Line Splitting Saw.


The US-cut is a cut where a specific area of the back is not cut through (so remains attached).

In the US, swivel gambrels are commonly used. If the carcass is split by the M-Line Splitting Saw, this type of gambrel will cause the carcasses to start dangling and create a high risk for the carcass to fall down from the gambrel.



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