MAJA BXAplus K1 Doner Kebab

Cutting of meat plates made quick, safe and easy

  • Safe and convenient cutting of doner kebab meat slices
  • The right solution for every need
  • Stand-alone or combine several machines in a line
  • Low manpower requirements


Doner kebab cutting

The auto-return kebab cutting machines MAJA BXAplus K1 with product feedback are designed for individual requirements in continuous horizontal slicing of large-surface meat plates, e.g. veal breast, pork belly, pork neck, pork shoulder etc., as required for the production of doner, kebab or gyros products. Combined with an individually configurable auto-return belt solution, it helps to automate the production of thin slices of meat, for a high product throughput and a time-saving process.


  • Plastic-link conveyor belt provides easier cleaning and less wear
  • Changing and adjustment of the blade through quick-locking device
  • No removal of the blade holder for blade changes and cleaning
    BXAplus 554 K1: Changing and adjusting the blade by quick-locking device
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the meat plate thickness, up to 5 mm
  • Easy cleaning, creating much improved machine hygiene (underframe is sealed and closed from the bottom)
  • Transport roller cleaning without compressed air
  • Hygienic machine design allows quick and easy cleaning, e.g. machine housing closed from bottom, no screw connections in the food area, easy to clean surfaces etc.


  BXAplus 554 K1 BXAplus 754 K1
Cutting width 554 mm 754 mm
Width of machine 1126 mm 1326 mm
Depth of machine 2020 mm (incl. KAB) 2020 mm
Height of machine 1457 mm 1457 mm
Electrical connection
3AC / 50Hz / 400V
1,1 kW (1,65 incl. KAB) 2,0 kW incl. KAB
Weight 533 kg (643 kg incl. KAB) 653 kg


Machine type Conveyor belt systems
BXAplus 554/754 K1 Auto-return feedback system for conveying the piece of meat
to cut again back to the operator;
with separate return conveyor belt KAB 500
BXAplus 754 K1 With additional separate lateral discharge conveyor belt KAB 270



Individual installation options, depending on the application field:

  • Simple version for the use of standard EII boxes
  • Equipped with an additional lateral discharge conveyor belt KAB 270 for automized product discharge
  • Fully automatic kebab cutting line by connecting up to 5 machines in a line


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