TR-1G HS transfer unit

Precise and reliable trolley-driven, selective transfer at highest speeds

  • Extremely reliable,selective transfer from distribution to cut-up line
  • Fully able to cope with highest speeds using trolleys
  • Precisely timed, complete control over the transfer moment with less wear
  • No touching, no product cross-contamination


The TR-1G HS is responsible for automated transfer of products from the distribution line to the ACM-NT cut-up line. The superfast TR-1G HS (High-Speed) is ready to deal with today’s and tomorrow's processing speeds and requirements with even increased reliability. By means of this carousel unit, products are selectively transferred to multiple cut-up lines, with different line speeds.

Switch faster

TR-1G HS features faster switching components, so that product transfer is more accurate and trolleys are driven impeccably. The system takes complete control over the transfer moment and ensures the most reliable rehang.

Even a margin as small as 4 mm would be intolerable at processing speeds of 15,000 bph. The timing of the TR-1G HS’s transport trolleys, however, is extremely precise, which also results in smoother movements without trolley collisions. The ultimate accuracy of the TR-1G means less wear too.

  • Fully automated transfer without human interference
  • Precise transfer at the highest speeds
  • Accurate control of the transfer moment
  • Quality inspection data retained during the entire process
  • Smoothly moving transport trolleys
  • Selective transfer to multiple cut-up lines with different speeds
  • Ultimate precision results in less wear
  • Easy to use, easy to adjust settings
  • Hardly any maintenance needed


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