Marel receives processors from the meat and poultry industries at Demo Center Campinas

Campinas Open House 2

Processors from the meat and poultry industries from various regions of Brazil participated in the Marel Open House, held on June 28 and 29, at the Marel Progress Point in Campinas (SP).

In the morning, customers accompanied demonstrations of solutions for meat and poultry processing, according to their interest. They had access to cutting and portioning lines, classification, weighing and batching, inspection, packaging and technologies for the production of convenience lines. They also received information on how the entire process can be connected to Marel software solutions.

Campinas Open House 1

In the afternoon, experts held VIP demonstrations, face-to-face and online, of specific technologies, meeting the interest of each subscriber. Virtual reality experiences have also been offered to customers interested in inspection technologies.

The perfect link between plant demands and solutions

Marel's initiative to open the doors to food processors and demonstrate its main technologies has been approved by both company representatives and customers.

Events like this allow us to have the real dimension of what the equipment can really deliver

Orlando Negrão
General Manager, Frigol

“Events like this allow us to have the real dimension of what the equipment can really deliver,” says Frigol's General Manager, Orlando Negrão. “In addition to the attention of the entire team, which was spectacular, we were impressed with the incredible structure of the Marel Demonstration Center - the physical structure, the innovative equipment, the virtual reality room, which we had the opportunity to meet”, he points out.

The interesting thing is that you can not only see the equipment, but check its operation in detail, question the expert, discuss possibilities

Moisés Grespan
Production Manager, Copacol

For the Production Manager of Copacol, from Cafelândia, Moisés Grespan, the event was a unique and very important opportunity for the cooperative. “The interesting thing is that you can not only see the equipment, but check its operation in detail, question the expert, discuss possibilities,” he says. “It is very cool to see the operation with the raw material, to be able to think about the process in the industry and still have the knowledge of specialists, dedicated specifically to each process.” “We are always very focused on increasing productivity, improving performance, the issue of overweight and here it is possible to identify many opportunities for process improvement and also be on top of new developments in automation,” he reports.

Campinas Open House 4

Direct connection with customers

Marel's Meat Industry Sales Manager, Vanduir Colet, points out that the Open House was a great opportunity for the exchange of information between meat industry professionals and the company's experts. “The structure provided at the Demo Center allows our customers to know, in practice, the breadth of each equipment and, thus, seek the improvements of current processes and awaken to new possibilities. In addition to knowing a line of state-of-the-art equipment and processes, customers who visit us achieve positive results, which are built with demonstrations, presentations and exchange of information.”

For the Poultry Industry Sales Manager, Johny Faistel, this was an opportunity to show customers the impressive structure of the Demo Center, the diversity of solutions, equipment and possibilities that Marel offers so that they can check what fits each project. “We saw a great interest from participants in returning to the Demo Center to do tests with the own product, to explore the limits of one or more available technologies, and also for operational training. As one customer said: ‘Progress Point makes it possible to develop the work with focus and without the interference of the routine and the daily pressure of the factory’, ”he reports.

“Considering that there are still many opportunities for the Brazilian market to better understand the purpose of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution, having an event like Marel Open House was a very valuable opportunity to show customers that there are solutions to many routine problems, which were often considered indissoluble,” adds Tiago Azevedo, Software Solutions Sales Manager at Marel. As an example, he cites the opportunity that experts had to present some concepts on how Innova can help reduce the number of products diverted at the end of the line, or how production results can feed an ERP (Integrated Business Management System) system, in order to facilitate and make more accurate the calculation of business results.

“It was possible to see that the event aroused the curiosity of many of the customers regarding the scope of the tool and, with that, our goal was achieved. From now on, the dialogue about turning ideas into reality will run in more concrete ways, ”he says.

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