Optimize filleting with tail cutting

Automated tail cutting is the way to better fillets

Filleting With Tail Cut

Automating this important process eliminates manual tail cutting and improves raw material utilization.

The Salmon Tail Cutter MS 2705.30 is ideal for fish processors looking to optimize their Marel filleting line through automation and improve the quality of their fillets. The tail cutting unit eliminates the need for manual tail cutting and improves raw material utilization thanks to superior accuracy.

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How it works

The Salmon Tail Cutter is designed to be a part of the filleting line between the PaceInfeeder MS 2725 and the Filleting Machine MS 2730. When the deheaded salmon enters from the PaceInfeeder into the Tail Cutter, it is measured to determine where to make the optimum cut, and the tail is easily and accurately cut. The tail drops down below the conveyor belt, and the salmon enters the auto infeed of the filleting machine. This level of automation reduces the need for manual labor along the trimming line, and the tail cut is made with higher precision than by manual cutting. This increases the stability and efficiency of the line and improves the overall quality of the fillets reducing the risk of downgrades.

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With the Salmon Tail Cutter MS 2705.30 in your filleting line, you can expect:

  • Overall improved fillet quality

  • Increased filleting stability and performance

  • Reduced manual labor

  • Maximized fillet utilization

  • Optimized line efficiency

Learn how the Salmon Tail Cutter helped improve the filleting line at Scandic Salmon.

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