The poultry industry embraces Nuova-i

Effective eviscerator technologies appeal to poultry processors from Brazil to Poland

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In the poultry process, evisceration is probably the most delicate operation, requiring consistent performance across all bird weights while effectively handling every single giblet pack. This combination of skills can be challenging, but Marel’s Nuova-i excels in every comparison. Designed to make data-driven decisions, Nuova-i maximizes performance with minimal reliance on human judgments or labor. From Poland to Brazil, each and every processor working with Nuova-i is full of praise and enthusiasm about its performance.

Tackling flock variations

Whether the broiler flock features odd-sized or irregular-shaped products, the Nuova-i adapts effortlessly. The distance adjustment between shoulders can be set, and the shackle guide can be adjusted for long and short feet for optimal performance.

Nuova-i is easy to control. When entering a recipe on the touchscreen, all relevant settings will adjust themselves to the flock characteristics, ensuring a seamless and consistent process flow. Once a recipe setting has proven to be successful for certain flock characteristics, Nuova-i can easily recall this flock setting with a single tap on the screen.

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A leap forward

Processors notice significant improvements between their former evisceration process and their current operation with the Nuova-i, in terms of yield, performance and profitability.

  • “At the moment, it is hard to reach full evisceration performance, because of our exceptionally high flock variations. In addition, 70% of our production follows ‘hard halal’ practices, with no stunning. When birds enter the kill line fully conscious, this impacts the line’s effectiveness. So the 98% performance Nuova-i delivers now is a huge leap forward for us, compared to our previous system.”
    Lukasz Mielewczyk, co-owner of Mielewczyk, Poland  
  • “Flock variation has been one of the crucial issues in our production line, and Nuova-i allows adjustments to be made according to needs. This improves the process, with a positive impact on yield and profitability. The ability to adjust to flock variations means an important cost reduction for us, significantly lowering our operational expenses.”
    Marcel Fogaça, Project Manager of SSA, Brazil


Nuova-i’s carousel features 24 units and can handle line speeds of up to 15,000 birds per hour, while ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and yield. Technological advancements, such as the robust, long-life spoon, enhance precision and hygiene standards, minimizing the risk of contamination. The spoon design handles positioning and drawing with utmost care, resulting in consistent viscera packs and top-notch downstream processing during giblet harvesting.
Nuova-i achieves unparalleled precision in separating the viscera pack from the carcass and rehanging it to a separate line. All viscera packs are uniform and compact, resulting in higher yield and cleaner carcasses. No unwanted remains are left behind and intestines don’t hang out, so there is a minimum chance of soiling or cross-contamination.

  • “Improving yield and increasing food safety with reduced contamination are arguments for us to choose the Nuova-i. We aim for the maximum overall contamination rate to go down and yield to increase considerably. With this performance, we can start our seasonal ‘Festa’ production already in August and finish in September. Nuova-i allows us to resume normal production more quickly.”
    Christian Klauck, Director of Engineering and Automation at Aurora Coop, Brazil
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Perfect product quality

Processors also evaluate the product quality resulting from the Nuova-i process as better than ever.

  • “Products are eviscerated even more precisely than we’ve ever seen before, with their viscera packs in even better condition for the automatic processes which follow. This is important for us, as Cedrob has a significant market for giblets. Nuova-i allows us to harvest livers, gizzards, and hearts precisely and without damage, which is essential if we are to offer top quality to our customers.“
    Łukasz Olszewski, Maintenance Manager at Cedrob, Poland
  • “Looking at the drawing of the pack, Nuova-i does a fantastic job, with perfect product quality as a result. Individual giblets are not damaged; they look really great. The machine has done well for us. Giblet yield and giblet quality have also improved quite a lot at our facility. The advantages are many.“
    Lukasz Mielewczyk, Mielewczyk

A data-driven approach

What sets the Nuova-i apart is its new data insight, which provides processors with unprecedented control of their operations. Integrated SmartBase software enables real-time machine health monitoring. It continuously supervises the crucial parameters while logging machine settings and historical performance data. It is even possible to monitor in real-time the performance of each individual eviscerator unit, which is clearly visible on the HMI touchscreen.
In this way, SmartBase can identify potential issues and trends without relying on human intelligence. This proactive data-driven approach prevents unexpected incidents and empowers processors to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and enhance operational efficiency.

  • “We use SmartBase to monitor the Nuova-i. This allows us to check the eviscerator’s status in real-time, while the machine runs. So we have a lot of control over the evisceration process. We had very high expectations for the efficiency of the Nuova-i and it must be said that the performance completely reaches the levels we hoped for.”
    Łukasz Olszewski, Cedrob
  • “With its ability to provide real-time data, Nuova-i enables faster and more accurate decision-making, which aligns with our vision of making our industry a more connected environment, incorporating elements of digital transformation.”
    Christian Klauck, SSA
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Nuova-i‘s SmartBase can connect with the overarching primary process software IMPAQT, extending the monitoring possibilities to the entire primary process. The reliably generated primary process information facilitates autonomous, data-driven decision-making, leading to near-perfect performance.

Furthermore, Nuova-i's internet connectivity opens up various communication possibilities, allowing seamless integration with other machines and remote monitoring from a control room or mobile devices.

The Nuova-i eviscerator represents a leap forward in poultry processing. With precision, quality, ÿield, data insight and connectivity, it embraces the future of evisceration.

  • “Nuova-i enables us to take a big step in implementing Industry 4.0. This will translate into performance improvements, greater control, and the ability to make autonomous process decisions, in addition to adaptability, which has become essential today.”
    Marcel Fogaça, Aurora

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